No "reply?"


I have done some work on editing the Zombie Outbrick website, getting it away from the default layout that I started out with. I love to make little changes to this site, making it my own.

However, recently I noticed some ComicFury sites that had a "reply" feature built into their comments, which seems to indent replies more than normal comments. I was curious as to how these ComicFury sites had gotten the feature, and after a little looking around, I noticed a thread in the ComicFury forums about the new code for replies. The code was posted there, but no information was given on how to properly use it.

Then I saw that ComicFury users who had already posted in the thread had asked how to use/ where to put these new codes... but were instead told to simply reset their custom HTML themes back to default settings in order to benefit from the new "reply" function.

I did not want to strip all customization away from this site, for the sake of a single new feature.

And so I am proud to announce, that after an hour or so (without any instructions whatsoever), I was finally able to manually integrate the "reply" feature into the Zombie Outbrick site. I'm not sure if it's fully functional, but it indents comments posted by clicking "reply," so it seems to work.

There will be other site changes soon to follow... (including the format of blogs, which I have already changed specially for this blog.)

27th Jul 2011, 7:33 PM

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