A new reason to smile

In the chain of ongoing site updates, I've added one new feature that should have everyone smiling... That's right, the Zombie Outbrick site now has smilies! ;)


This includes the comments system. Simply type your favorite text smiley, and the site should display it as a nice little emoticon.

All existing text smileys will also be displayed the same way. 


So far, there are only 3 types of smilies, created from scratch by me: The standard happy face smiley ( :) ), the winking smiley ( ;) ), and finally, the grinning smiley ( :D .) I will be adding more smilies as site updates continue.


A list of other site updates since the last blog post include:


  • - 3 more quotes were added to the random quote speech bubble on the homepage

  • - the "comic description" was removed from homepage (it made things too cluttered)

  • - 'edit,' delete,' and 'reply' buttons were changed to match the site navigation buttons

  • - the border around my comic images was finally fixed (it was displaying improperly before)

  • - the line spacing adjusted/increased for an easier reading experience

If you have any suggestions, problems, or comments on these site updates, please feel free to comment on the latest episode of Zombie Outbrick.

30th Jul 2011, 3:19 PM

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