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Top Horror ComicsThere are a variety of websites out there that are dedicated to bringing together webcomics from all across the internet. They have pages upon pages of webcomics, which are ranked and listed in order either by pageviews or ratings.

One such site is Top Horror Comics. As the name suggests, it is devoted entirely to "horror" genre webcomics. The top of their site is very reminiscent of an old comic book, complete with "10₵" price and retro-style logo, and a seal that bears their motto: "The Best Horror Comics on the Net."

Luckily, "horror" doesn't necessarily mean "scary," in this case; several of the webcomics I saw featured looked rather harmless, and some were far more comical than horrific. By this standard, Zombie Outbrick does, in fact, qualify as being a viable horror comic.

And so, I am pleased to announce that Zombie Outbrick is now on Top Horror Comics! You should be able to see a small "Top Horror Comics" logo at the bottom of this site, just above the footer on the right, that signifies Zombie Outbrick's membership.

If you wouldn't mind doing me a small favor, please use the form below to rate Zombie Outbrick for Top Horror Comics!

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4th Aug 2011, 10:38 AM

Top Horror Comics